Stronger election integrity now.

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By Matt Schaefer
Friday, January 29, 2021

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Representative Matt Schaefer Votes on the House floor Representative Matt Schaefer Votes on the House floor

We have all learned the hard way the magnitude of what is at risk when our elections are not secure. Free, fair, and inviolate elections are the bedrock of our Republic.

The freedoms we are all promised, and fight for, are at risk when our election laws are inadequate or not enforced.

We have much work to do to ensure that elections in the Lone Star State are more secure, that legal votes are not diluted by illegal votes, that election fraud is rooted and prosecuted, and making sure that what happened in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Georgia…NEVER. HAPPENS. HERE.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Mandating stricter voting software protocols by securing backups and allowing for the proper auditing of election results.
  • Purging the voter rolls of those who have moved, are deceased, or are non-citizens.
  • Requiring citizenship verification to register to vote.
  • Enacting laws that ensure that voter fraud is investigated and prosecuted.
  • Increasing mail-in-ballot integrity and pursuing reform.

The simple truth is that until you are assured your voice will be heard unaltered, your voice matters, and your vote is secure, I will not relent. East Texas deserves integrity at every level of government process, and we have work to do!

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