Accountability for Power Outages

News / Accountability for Power Outages

By Matt Schaefer
Thursday, February 25, 2021

 2021  ERCOT  freeze  outage  Power  PUC
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Winter storm bends tree under snow weight Winter storm bends tree under snow weight

I feel a great responsibility to address the devastating power outages that recently impacted so many Texans. Lives were lost, Texans were hurt, property was destroyed, and businesses were disrupted. The Governor and those of us in the Legislature bear  responsibility for any state action, or inaction, that contributed to this disaster. I am committed to learning the root of the problems, and working on solutions. Texans deserve accountability and responsibility from elected representatives. Some of the problems were years in the making, and it will take time to solve. Reliable, resilient, and affordable electricity is critical to the future of Texas, and we will get it done.

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