The numbers are in. And Staggering.

News / The numbers are in. And Staggering.

By Matt Schaefer
Friday, January 06, 2017

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Final count for 2016?
Nearly 300,000 illegal aliens apprehended along the Texas border. That’s caught, processed, held, returned, or released.


That’s at least three new illegal aliens for every man, woman, and child in Tyler.

Reliable officials have confided in me that for every person apprehended, they believe two cross unimpeded. In effect, triple that number.

Over 889,000

Almost nine-hundred-thousand illegal aliens entering Texas last year alone.

If you’re not alarmed, how about the fact that more than half of those apprehended were not from Mexico! Illegal aliens were processed from all over the world, including nations with known terrorist groups.

President Trump, I’m ready to help you build that wall.

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