Spending Your Money—The Good & The Bad

News / Spending Your Money—The Good & The Bad

By Matt Schaefer
Thursday, March 28, 2019

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Two things made me vote “Yes” during this second stage of the process:

1) $2.7 billion of property tax relief was established in the budget by an amendment from fellow Freedom Caucus member Rep. Matt Shaheen; and

2) I believe my voice was heard by the Speaker and Appropriations Committee Chairman about my concerns with the major increase in spending.

I successfully passed three budget amendments:

1) cutting red tape for facilities like Breckenridge Village that serve adults with intellectual disabilities;

2) allowing school safety money to be used for new communications technology; and

3) ensuring the Second Amendment was protected in a spending program on gun safety.

The budget does good things for public education, border security, alternatives to abortion, and public safety, but I am urging our leaders to make other areas leaner as the process continues in the Senate. State government should not grow beyond our ability to pay for it. There are several moving parts to this budget, school finance, and property tax relief puzzle. I am rooting for our leaders to deliver good solutions for all Texans. If you are concerned with the size of state spending and the need for significant property tax relief, then make your voice heard now.

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