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By Matt Schaefer
Friday, January 27, 2012

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…stop asking conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. Start asking “more freedom or less freedom?” Answer that question first — before a new law is passed.

I’m proud to be a conservative Republican and those labels do have meaning. But the field of freedom has been shrinking and it is time to change the conversation. On Thursday, January 19th I will meet Rep. Leo Berman in a candidate forum at 11:30 at Traditions Restaurant in Tyler. I won’t talk about which side wins in the Legislature, but whether freedom wins, whether people win.

New regulations on business vs. freedom to be an entrepreneur
Debt and wasteful spending vs. freedom to keep more hard-earned money
Teaching to the test vs. freedom to teach to the child
More power in Austin vs. freedom to decide locally

I want our leaders to talk less about labels and more about liberty — to pursue life, take risks, and be responsible. God gave the desire for freedom even before He gave the wisdom to write the constitution. America became great because of a fierce desire for freedom — not for rules that reduce opportunity.

Freedom shouldn’t be handed out in small, sanitized pieces by bureaucrats in Austin. Freedom in Texas ought to be greater and bigger than anywhere else.

FREEDOM. Texas style.

We can get there again. I will make your vote count in Austin.

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