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    Texas Gun Rights Logo

    An Open Response to Texas Gun Rights

    Texas Gun Rights, a group located in Round Rock and self-described as the largest gun rights group in this great state of Texas, recently circulated an email to its subscriber list with the subject line “We were betrayed”, and asked that… read more

    Open Carry Handgun In Holster, Texas HB 910

    Texas Prioritizes Freedom With The Open Carry Bill

    Early this week, the topic of open carry has been the subject of much debate on the floor of the Texas Legislature, and will continue to be of primary attention to Rep. Schaefer. HB 910 passed its final vote Monday on the… read more


    Rep. Schaefer’s Liberty Brief

    Lone Star Card Fraud Prevention (aka Food Stamp Card) Rep. Schaefer filed HB 1973, joint authored by Rep. Moody (D – El Paso), which will require a name, photo, the fraud hotline website and phone number, and the words “Funds… read more

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