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    Rose City Summer Camp Counselor and Camper Smiling

    Local Win: State Funding For Rose City Summer Camps

    State funding is now available for summer programs, such as Rose City Summer Camps, that partner with local school districts to provide academic learning to kids. House Bill 3, the major school finance reform bill, passed into law this session.… read more

    State of Texas with Dollar Sign

    Spending Accountability

    Accountability and efficiency with your tax money is a common sense expectation. But the simple truth is that watching your money in Austin is easier said than done. That is why I sponsored a bill that will strengthen fiscal stewardship… read more

    Texas State Capitol

    Cutting Red Tape

    Special-needs Texans need the kind of very special care provided by Breckenridge Village of Tyler (BVT).  But when red tape in Austin blocked BVT from providing that care, I went to work. I had the privilege of authoring House Bill… read more

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