Texas Rep. Matt Schaefer (R) Discusses Amendment on Fox News

Schaefer Amendment Hits Sanctuary Cities

Sunday night Gov. Abbott signed a statewide ban on sanctuary cities. The legislation got a big boost in the House when Rep. Schaefer succeeded in adding a strong amendment which ultimately became law. Several hours of intense negotiation and heated… read more

Disabled Preborn Justice Act Filed by Rep. Schaefer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 16, 2017 Disabled Preborn Justice Act Filed by Rep. Matt Schaefer AUSTIN, TX– Today, Rep. Matt Schaefer filed House Bill 1971, legislation that will bring needed pro-life changes to three areas of abortion law in Texas:… read more

The numbers are in. And Staggering.

Final count for 2016? Nearly 300,000 illegal aliens apprehended along the Texas border. That’s caught, processed, held, returned, or released. Perspective? That’s at least three new illegal aliens for every man, woman, and child in Tyler. Reliable officials have confided in me that for… read more

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